Book Update and it’s a big one

TLDR; I need Grimdark Beta Readers. Contact me via Tumblr IM or through Twitch whisper if interested.

So, here we go with the more detailed explanation.

I finished chapter 28 and decided to split the book in 2. Book 1 is Chapter 1 -27. Book 1.5 is Chapter 28+ all of the previous draft. I label it 1.5 because the draft for Book 2 exists and its mostly for my own organization.

Before the split, Book 1′s word count was 216, 861 words.

After the split, Book 1′s word count is 158,816 words. Book 1.5′s word count is 58,045.

I am now at the point where I need Beta Readers.

I need Beta Readers that:

  1. Are interested in Sci-fi/Fantasy &/or Grimdark. Genre is on the thin line.
  2. Give constructive criticism.
  3. Can read 1 chapter a week.
  4. Give me a detailed response (More than 1 sentence) on each chapter.

I’ll be sending a short questionnaire, which will act like a template to help with more detailed responses, for each chapter.

With that said, I’m stuck at this stage. I will need a couple rounds with Beta Readers before I get a Professional Edit. After the Professional Edit, I will go over Book 1′s manuscript one more time, then I will publish.


New Website, Open Commissions, Book Progress

My new website is live! https://unoraptormon.com/

I even got my own domain! I’m really excited for this and I hope I can grow my business, my community and my fanbase. I’ll be working off and on with the store page as I get more merch stocked up. I got a lot of support this month through my Twitch channel, so I’ll be able to speed things up a bit.

Speaking off, I have a new design available on my DBH store, Chibi Harley! I’ve been working on her chibi designs on stream whenever I was waiting on info from a commissioner. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up her sticker series, Ripley the Raptor’s series, and then make some more Hydro Head stickers and even Usek. Speaking of Usek…

I’m editing chapter 20 of Usek, and I’m debating whether or not I should break it into two books or keep it as one. I’m currently sitting at 186,000+ words and have been adding a lot of new material to fill in the previous draft’s time skips. For a bit more context, I haven’t gotten back to the content of the original chapter 13 due to filling in the year time skip between it and the original chapter 12.

I have the first 14 chapters available for Beta Reading through my site, the rest are available through my Discord server.


Commissions Open. Chapters moving

Commissions are open until March 1, 2021.
Sale in Febuary for Romance themed art.

Chapter links are back on my Webs.com site. Unfortunately, Webs.com is getting shut down in March 2021, so I’ll be searching for a way to either transfer a site I’ve had since 2009, or I figure out a way to start things anew.

Working after COVID

Okay, gonna keep it simple. My husband and I got COVID. It sucked. As someone who has had the flu and now COVID, I can say with certainty that COVID is fucking worse.

I’m on day 20 and I’m still not back up at 100%. I have had to put everything on hold and I mean everything. Work on my book, art, streaming, hell, I’ve even had to stop working on my garden; Thank God for the rain.

Today, even though I’m still suffering from fatigue, I’m going to start streaming again on Twitch and see if I can handle it. I’ve managed to put together a new physical setup over the last week, so hopefully it looks as good as I think it does.

Lastly, commissions are closing on June 1st. I will be sending out vouchers and discounts soon so if you donated certain amounts in my StackUp charity stream, be on the look out for an email.

New Website and New Merch

My website is official! Thanks to my Twitch community’s generosity and support, I was finally about to buy the domain name!
unoraptormon.com is live!
Commissions are still closed til April 1st, but I’ve got new merch up on my Design By Humans store, https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/sticker/chibi-harley-hi/1599525/
I stream on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6pm CST.

World Anvil

Thanks to one of the rewards for finishing NaNoWriMo, I was able to get the Sage package at World Anvil so I could try out all of their features. This includes the ability to create and work on a manuscript related to a world one can create.

The manuscript feature is a bit wonky at first, but I think that’s because it isn’t meant for people who already have a document and are working on their book in the separate document. The way it’s structured feels like its for those just starting to write their book.

Before ya think I’m hounding on it, I’m not. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just something I’ve noticed while working with it. I’ve already moved my first 14 chapters for Usek there and will be digging through their YouTube for tutorials on things that aren’t intuitive. Keep in mind, what’s intuitive to me won’t be the same for someone else.

Just like opinions.

I think I’m done for this post, but for those watching me here and are writers or looking to become writers who have a spare $300 ($150 for those who ‘won’ NaNoWriMo) they can float, I recommend checking out World Anvil’s manuscript maker.

If ya don’t have that floating around, I still recommend World Anvil for world building. They’ll have prompts every now and then on the site and it’s often things one might not think about at first when creating a new world. The stuff that they have that comes for free is amazing and a bit overwhelming, but it’s a good overwhelming. Like first learning how to use PhotoShop.

Okay, now I’m done…. After this last plug!

I need Beta Readers for my first novel Usek ! Check out the chapters at my site .